The questionnaire is designed to provide your nutritionist with the information necessary to build a nutritional programme specifically tailored to your needs. Please answer the questions as accurately as you can.

This questionnaire consists of 4 pages and requires several minutes to fill in. If submitting online, you must be able to do so in one go, in which case you may fill in your food intake (on last page) for any 2 recent days.

Should you prefer to complete the questionnaire by hand and send it to us by post, the word document file can be downloaded here.

Fields marked with * are required.

Client Details

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Date of birth: * (dd/mm/yyyy).
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Weight(without clothes):
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Blood group(if known):
G.P./Psychiatrist details
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Health profile

Please list all the problems you would like to clear up and indicate for how long you have had these problems eg: depression 3 years

Health problem Duration
Under what circumstances do these problems improve?
Under what circumstances do do they get worse?
List other illnesses that you have had in the past ten years:
What operations have you had?
Blood pressure (if you know): Pulse:

Family history

Relationship to client Prone to following illness Relationship to client Prone to following illness