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We work mainly with clients in the UK and Hong Kong but may be able to help people in other parts of the world via Skype and telephone consultations.

We provide one-to-one consultations, arrange the appropriate tests and take supplements orders. You (the client) will be required to fill in a detailed questionnaire before the consultation. This is to gather important preliminary information about your health, family history, dietary habits, nutrient status and lifestyle.

You can choose to fill in and submit the questionnaire online or download and print the questionnaire. If you are printing the questionnaire, please contact the therapist you wish to see. She will have a brief chat with you and tell you where to post the form.

At Brain Nutrition we encourage you to commit to at least six months of therapy with us as benefits are usually seen after a sustained period of following the programme.

The Consultation

During the consultation, the nutritional therapist finds out more about the various aspects of your mood, brain or mental health issues. After analyzing all the information, the therapist discusses and agrees with you a dietary and supplement programme specific to your needs. The therapist will also discuss and explain appropriate tests.

The therapist will also work out with you how best to support you during the period of therapy. This could be in the form of regular emails, phone calls or communication with your GP or other therapists involved in helping you with your mood, brain or mental health issues.

The first consultation takes an hour to an hour 15 minutes.

At follow-up sessions, adjustments will be made according to your progress. Follow-up consultations are usually 4-6 weeks later and last up to an hour.


There are various scientific tests that can help pinpoint the contributing causes of your mood, brain or mental health disorders more precisely, for instance thyroid test, histamine test, food intolerance test and toxic metals tests. The therapist will evaluate whether tests are necessary and if so, will recommend and explain the choice of tests and costs involved in your case.


Costs of consultations vary according to location. Please contact the individual therapist for pricing and payment methods.
Supplements and tests cost extra. These costs vary depending on individual needs and choices.

To book an appointment, please go to About Us or Contact or complete the Questionnaire.

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I came to see Josephine at a time when I was battling depression and at my lowest point. I was looking to help myself using complementary therapies and nutrition after anti-depressants did not work for me.

The great thing with nutritional therapy is that it's tailored specifically for my needs based on the biochemistry of my body, so what I needed was supported with supplements and a special dietary programme.

During the first few months the programme was hard to follow and I kept falling back into my old ways, however with encouragement from Josephine and determination its working.

Another wonderful result was that my period came back after being absent for 11 months. I feel like I have my life back.

As a result of the nutritional learning I've been doing for this depressive episode I'm now interested in doing a nutrition course. I cannot recommend it enough to people - the fact that food can play such a big part in how we feel and in helping with health conditions - has made me keen to learn it for my own knowledge for life.
Sarah Z, IT Consultant, Essex

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